Separation 2.0

Divorces, separations, Recomposed families, when the digital is interfering!

A new tool that simplifies The lives of separated parents

For the past 15 years, divorces have continue to increase.

The law of 1975 marks a turning point, in Introducing divorce by mutual consent. Then in 2005, the Simplification of procedures creates a new pic, today 45% of marriages End up with a divorce.

This evolution is not without consequence, the Family models are evolving; Today we see an increase in the Single-parent families, reconstituted families and a whole new way To exercise his parenting. The child’s interest is at the centre of the Concerns of parents with the emergence of new theories and practices Exercise of parenthood.

So how To exercise its role as a parent in this context in the midst of the Mutation?

Many works abound in the Bookstores, on the net, forums and blogs are multiplying on this topic.

But today do we not need to Concrete answers to accompany us in the management of our Daily?

  • How best to manage communication with My ex concerning the custody of the children, their schooling, their daily life, their needs Materials?
  • How to preserve conflicts of adults and ensure their stability while living between two Houses, two parents, two families?
  • How to manage my daycare schedule with my “ex-spouse”, The grandparents, or even the nanny?
  • How to organize the arrival of a new Spouse, his schedule, his constraints, and his children with mine?

Which parent did not ask these questions to the Time of its separation and in its daily life when it is necessary to manage for the This difficult situation both on the emotional level and on the The practical organization.

Because we remain parents despite All! Because we want the best for our children!

The founders of 2forkids have been looking into these issues for you and you Bring a whole new tool to make your life easier.

       When the digital gets involved and becomes An asset in managing your daily lives of separated parents.

A very new and very elaborate application and easy to use that takes into account all the specifics and adapts Your situation to facilitate communication with the co-parent, and any The family.

It will accompany you on a daily basis and you Can do without it.

Discover its many features For free for two months.

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