I forgot my Grandson

“- Hello mom, where are you? But that is what you do? It is 6:00 PM: the school just called me: you forgot Hugo?

– But I’m an in nice for the day, I told you last week oh the! how make? That is not possible! it is exceptional that you are on duty on Friday at the hospital no?

– But yes, last night when we left, I told you tomorrow. Okay, I’ll quickly call grandma Nico if she can pick him up: the principal must close the school at this time! the next time a, mark it on your agenda, finally I do not know me: Make yourself a memo! ”

This young mother panicked and angry abruptly hangs up the nose of his mother.

And here is a ” granny” In all its forms, mortified by this unpardonable forgetfulness while it is still there as a favor to his daughter, happy to finally be retired for s’ after her grandchildren; very sad, she imagines her little Hugo, shaking the director’s hand, tears in her eyes, no doubt convinced that she was abandoned in her school!

This event may seem trivial e t come shake even momentarily tarnish family relationships.

In recent years, care has evolved, the place of grandparents is predominant   with small children   for daily accompaniments as well as for school holidays; once they reach retirement age, the ancestors, as they were still called in the last century, are physically fit, dynamic and modern, ready to share precious moments with the juniors and fit enough to practice with them sports or play activities.

Parents can count on their presence and are reassured to know children with affection.

In a society where time is of the essence for parents, places in the nursery or nannies hard to find: the grandparents offer their availability and are delighted to transmit their experience, their lived experience, and provide answers on family history to their grandchildren.

So, to harmonize the respective agendas of this extended family, accustomed and seasoned to modern technology, new grandparents also feel able to use a new application on their smartphone to avoid bugs like the one mentioned in our introduction and continue to make life easy for the whole family.

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