How to best support your child?

Because it is not an innocuous act for children (for parents either!), The change of custody often generates a complex emotional climate.

You are being separated, divorced or already in step-family, then you have probably lived these moments not always easy to manage for us, parents.

How to help your child to live those everyday changes?

How to best support them to take his place in these different spaces of family life and help them manage his emotions?

We know in many situations that speech is important and especially in a family context that is often fraught with emotions, conflicts and big changes that affect your life and that of your child.

Here are some tips to help them cope with these changes and act best :

  • Help them to identify and understand what he lives: he changes places and habits, he must find his ground….
  • Reassure them : as well when he arrives as when he leaves. Often at the beginning of separation, the child may be worried about one of his parents whom he thinks is most affected by the separation and who looks after his other parent. Also, mention his concerns when he is away from home, especially when other children of a new spouse are living there too.
  • Listen to them : there may be some details that will help them make the most of these changes, the preparation of his business, the conditions in which he leaves or joins the other parent’s home.
  • Put words on his feelings and emotions: his worries, his fears, his anxieties that often manifest themselves by aggression, uncontrolled excitement or sadness.
  • Try to rhythm and ritualize these moments to avoid insecurity

And why not, offer them tools of self-regulation and evacuation of stress ?!

You will find in our blog a section “tips and advice” where I will regularly deliver some very simple techniques to achieve with your child according to his age.

They can help them to react and live better those situations.

Do not hesitate to consult them and use them as quickly as possible. In general children love these privileged exchanges with their parents and find it very playful and fun !!

Isabelle B.

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